30 Nov 2012: India’s real estate sees drop, UK banks face shortfall




Indice Latest Day Change
S&P 500 1415 + 0.43%
FTSE 100 5870 + 1.15%
NSE (India) 5835 + 0.18%
Nikkei 225 9481 + 0.86%
Shanghai Comp 1974 + 0.56%



Security- 10 year Latest  Day Change
US Treasury 1.62% + 0.00%
UK Gilts 1.79% + 0.03%
India G-sec 7.95% – 0.87%
German Bunds 1.37% + 0.00%



Commodity Latest Day Change
Gold (100 oz) $1727 + 0.04%
Copper (pound) $3.59 + 0.28%
Brent Crude $110.43 – 0.30%



EU may pursue Japan trade deal: EU will launch trade negotiations with Japan on a bilateral agreement. A successful deal would possibly add 420000 new jobs, majorly in Pharmaceuticals, business services, and F&B.

India’s Real estate sees drop: Indian real estate market has seen a major drop in foreign investments coming in. Compared to the investments of close to $20 billion in 2006-09, only $2-3 billion has seen an exit.


• India’s domestic air travel market worst performing: According to IATA, India’s domestic market is the worst performing aviation market in the world. The 12.4% plunge seen in October 2012, is the highest in the world. This is majorly being blamed on the high operating costs for the carriers, with a distinct lack on the govt’s part to rationalise jet fuel prices.

UK banks face shortfall: In the light of the fact that the Bank of England requires UK banks to meet its valuation policies, UK banks will need to raise £20-50 billion to meet requirement or dramatically restructure their businesses.



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