8 Feb 2012: Stocks climb to fresh highs

FTSE 100 5906 Up 28bp
S&P 500 1347 Up 20bp
NIFTY 50 India 5368 Up 62bp


Major Stories

  • Stocks hit fresh 6-month highs
    • Stocks: FTSE All-World is up 0.5% to its best level since Aug 2011; Wall Street is expected to open 0.2% up; FTSE Eurofirst is advancing at 0.6%
    • Commodities: copper is up 1% to $3.92/pound; Brent Crude is at $116/barrel
    • Debt: US 10-year yields have moved back to 2% following optimism in the US; US Treasury will auction $72bn in securities this week; Italian bond yields stay at 4-month lows, with the improving confidence in the country


  • Greece misses out another bailout deadline
    • Greece has missed out on another bailout deadline
    • This has been due to a late receipt of new bailout guidlines

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