7 January 2012: US employment rises

FTSE 100 5650 Up 45bp
S&P 500 1278 Down 25bp
NIFTY 50 India 4746 Down 15bp

Major Stories

  • US unemployment falls
    • Unemployment in US falls to 8.5% as 200000 jobs were created during December
    • This is the highest employment level in the US for almost 3 years now
    • This has led the dollar index to rally to its highest levels in 16 months
  • Beijing fails to stop Airbus orders in HK
    • Having opposed the EU Carbon tax policy, Beijing had been pressurising all China/HK-based airlines to not place orders with Airbus
    • HK Airlines however, have placed an order for 10 airbuses, an order worth $3.8bn
    • The full story about EU Carbon tax can be found under the article dated 23rd December in the archives
  • FedEx to lose $400mn from expiring contract
    • Fedex will lose about $400mn from the revenue it used to gather by carrying US Postal Services’ mail
    • This has come after US Postal Services seek a $2.1bn cost cut; Fedex’s orders will continue to suffer while US Postal Services restructure and negotiate a new contract worth lesser value with Fedex


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