28 Dec 2011: Iran threaten to shut ‘world’s most important oil-checkpoint’

FTSE 100 5533 Up 33bp
S&P 500 1265 Up 90bp
NIFTY 50 India 4780 Up14bp

Major Stories

  • Iran threaten to shut ‘world’s most important oil-checkpoint’
    • Iran threaten to shut off Strait of Hormuz if the west impose sanctions on Iranian oil exports
    • This is believed to be the most important passage as atleast 13-15 supertankers pass through it everyday
    • US believes that Iran will not be able to seal this passage
    • Germany, France and UK want to impose an embargo on Iranian exports, but Greece are reluctant; foreign ministers are set to meet and decide on this on 30th Januray
  • Japan relaxes weapons export ban
    • Japan relaxes decades-old ban on Japanese arms manufacturer to participate in international arms trade
    • This should help Japan better utilise its already tight military budget by working together with international manufacturers on both materials and software
    • Japan’s chief cabinet secretary says that they will allow defence exports only when they would not harbour international conflict
  • Carlyle give investors a record return
    • Carlyle returns $15bn to investors in first 9 months of 2011, which is more than its rivals, Blackstone, KKR and TPG put together
    • This gives Carlyle a powerful standing just before they prepare to list on a stock exchange
    • Carlyle explain an aggressive approach in the beginning of 2011
    • Carlyle also explain their positioning in funds aimed at different geographical regions and sectors which helps them exploit local market windows

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